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Kristie Eads Grooming Salon is run by experienced dog Groomers. We Pride ourselves on the quality of our work.  We treat the animals with the utmost care & attention. Our grooming services are available to dogs from small to medium sizes. The grooming consists of bathing, treating the animals coats, trimming, styling, teeth brushing, toe and nails . Regular, professional grooming can help prevent problems such as excessive shedding, skin and paw disorders, painful mats and periodontal disease, as well as help you catch other problems that might otherwise go unnoticed. Grooming is strictly by appointment only. Please call (661) 836-3269


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Dog obedience must be the most attended of all dog training classes. Even if an owner never intends to compete in a canine event, they want their new family pet to be able to understand simple commands and not to be a liability around the home. When out walking with the family, a dog must be able to walk to heel on a lead and understand commands if the chance arises to run off lead. It should always be remembered that a dog must be under control at all times and if by chance a dog causes an incident while off lead the owner can now be charged severely by the police and local authorities.


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